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Volume 3 Issue 1 2012          Pages: 249- 258                   << Previous      Next>>

The new Steel-CFRP composite specimen (CFRP laminates sandwiched between two steel strips) and its behaviour under Uniaxial tension

Author Information:

Faris Abbas Jawad Uriayer
Research Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India

This paper introduces  new  specimen of steel-Carbon Fibre Reinforce Polymer (CFRP) composite  developed in accordance with  standard test method and definition for mechanical testing of steel (ASTM –A370). Fifteen specimens were prepared and divided into five groups depending upon a number of the layers of CFRP. Uniaxial tensile tests were conducted to determine yield strength and ultimate strength of specimens. Test results showed that the stress-strain curves of the composite specimens were bilinear prior to the fracture of laminate. The tested composite specimens displayed a large difference in strength with ductility. Finally, the proposed model by (Gang et al. 2010) was modified in this paper to give better estimate of the ultimate load of specimen. The estimated values agreed very well with experimental ones.

Keywords: Composite specimen, laminate, Uniaxial tension, steel strip.


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