International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering

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Experimental study on light weight ferrocement beam under monotonic and repeated flexural loading

Author Information:

Naveen G.M1, Suresh G.S2
1- Assistant professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Government Engineering college, Chamarajanagara
2- Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering, NIE, Mysore

Light weight ferrocement is a composite material consisting of cement-sand mortar (matrix) along with light weight fine aggregate ( In this work  foamed blast furnace slag is employed as light weight fine aggregate )  as a replacement of sand in some quantity reinforced with layers of small diameter wire meshes The present work is concentrated on two major aspects, Effect of blast furnace slag on  first crack and ultimate strength and Behavior of light weight ferrocement element under monotonic  & repeated flexural loading. The first part of the present study has been focused on the effect of blast furnace slag (BFS) on ultimate strength with replacement of slag by 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% and second part of the work focusing the behavior of Light weight ferrocement beam under monotonic load and repeated load with increased load. The results obtained from this work is expected to be useful in determining the strength and ductility of light weight ferrocement beam subjected to similar types of forces and thus will help toward designing ferrocement elements to withstand monotonic and repeated flexural loading.

Keywords: Light weight ferrocement, blast furnace slag (BFS), wire mesh


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