International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering

Volume 3 Issue 2 2012          Pages: 360 - 366                         << Previous      Next>>

Effect of superplasticizer dosages on compressive strength of self compacting concrete

Author Information:

Rahul Dubey1, Pardeep Kumar2
1- Research Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering,NIT Hamirpur (HP), India.
2- Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Hamirpur (HP) India


Self-compacting concrete has to fulfil contradictory requirements of high flowing ability when it is being cast and high viscosity when it is at rest, in order to prevent segregation and bleeding. These requirements make the use of mineral and chemical admixtures essential for self-compacting concrete. High flowing ability is achieved using superplasticizers, while stability against segregation is achieved either by using a large quantity of fine materials, or by using appropriate viscosity modifying agents. This paper presents the results of an experimental research carried out to investigate the effect of dosages of superplasticizer on compressive strength of self- compacting concrete.

Keywords: Self-compacting concrete, superplasticizer, compressive strength.


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