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Ultimate Strength of Epoxy Repaired Reinforced Concrete Frames

Author Information:

Shailendra kumar Dubey1, Aankit Doni2, Sunil Y. Kute3

1- Associate Professor, Civil Engg.Dept.,S.S.V.P.S BSD College of Engg.,Dhule, India
2- P.G. student, Civil Engg. Dept., S.S.V.P.S BSD College Of Engg ., Dhule ,(M.S) India
3- Professor, Civil Engg.Dept., K.K.Wagh College Of Engg.,Nasik,(M.S) India


Due to tremor buildings are damaged partly or totally. Predominantly soft storeys are mostly affected. In general such structures are repaired and used again. In this regard, an experimental investigation was planned and conducted for bare R.C. (Reinforced concrete) frames up to collapse   and then such collapsed frames repaired with epoxy resin were tested to obtain ultimate load and results are compared. All these frames were tested up to collapse and subjected to only horizontal loads to obtain an effective and possible solution for retrofitted frames which can be reused for soft storeys. In comparison to bare R.C. frames, epoxy repaired frames have comparable   lateral load capacity.  For the similar load epoxy repaired frames have maximum deformation  under control in comparision to bare   R.C.frames.

Keywords: Bare frame, Epoxy resin, lateral load, soft storey, Retrofitted frame.


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