International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering

Volume 4 Issue 3 2014          Pages: 237 - 247           << Previous      Next>>

Split frame method for the analysis of tall moment resisting frames subjected to lateral loads 

Author Information:

Manicka Selvam.V.K1, Bindhu. K.R2
1- Former Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala, India - 673601
2- Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum, Kerala, India - 695016

Multistorey buildings are increasing year by year. For preliminary analysis of these buildings subjected to lateral loads, it is not possible to use the computer without the knowledge of member cross sectional dimensions. To obviate this difficulty, approximate methods are resorted to. High-rise buildings are classified as short and tall buildings. For the analysis of short buildings, many approximate methods are available. However, for tall frames the cantilever method alone is existing. In this paper, a supplement to the cantilever method is put forward. The solution of the method compares favourably well with that of the cantilever solution. The method is lucid, neat and efficacious.

Keyword: Approximate, Buildings, Cantilever, Exact, High-rise, Load, Multistorey, Short, Tall.

doi: 10.6088/ijcser.201304010024

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