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Analysis of two- way ribbed and waffle slabs with hidden beams

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Ibrahim Mohammad Arman- Lecturer at An- Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine

This paper focuses on analysis of two-way ribbed and waffle slabs with hidden beams. There are many methods that are used to analyze two-way slabs and the precision of these methods vary depending on method assumptions. In this study, the ACI direct design method is used as a manual or hand method of calculation and the solution will be compared with the analysis results of the three dimensional structural model done by the computer program Sap2000. The moments in beams, slab column strip and slab middle strip will be determined. It will be illustrated that the distribution of moments in two-way slabs with hidden beams likes the distribution of moments in slabs without beams as the stiffness of the hidden beams is small. It is recommended that the use of three dimensional modeling by computer software is the best solution for moment’s determination and distribution.

Keyword: SAP2000, slab, two-way, ribbed, waffle, direct design method, beams

doi: 10.6088/ijcser.201304010033

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