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Volume 4 Issue 3 2014          Pages: 365- 371           << Previous      Next>>

Mechanical properties of fibrous geopolymer mortar in relation with curing conditions

Author Information:

Sabna. J1, Sreevidya. V2, Venkatasubramani. R3
1- PG Student, Civil Engineering Department, Sri Krishna college of Technology, Coimbatore, +919400805691
2- Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Sri Krishna college of Technology, Coimbatore
3- Professor, Head of Civil Engineering Department, Sri Krishna college of Technology, Coimbatore

Geopolymers are a class of inorganic polymer formed by the reaction between an alkaline solution and an aluminosilicate source. The hardened material has an amorphous 3-dimensional structure. The last few years have seen spectacular technological progress in the development of geosynthesis and geopolymeric applications.  Portland cement, the conventional binding material in concrete, is responsible for 5-8% of our collective worldwide carbon footprint.  The geopolymer mix  completely replaces the Portland cement with a alumino silicate base material that results in a massive decrease in associated carbon emissions (theoretically up to a 90% reduction) and makes safe use of a waste product of coal production. This research aims at developing fibrous geopolymer in order to study its strength properties under heat and ambient curing. Based on the results obtained, the heat cured fiber reinforced geopolymer composite with 0.5% fibre was found to be have superior strength.

Keyword: CO2, Fibers, Flyash, Geopolymer, Strength, Curing

doi: 10.6088/ijcser.201304010035

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