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VOLUME 4, NO 5 - 2014 - March 2014 - Page 1


1. Isolation, identification and hydrolytic enzymes production of aerobic heterotrophic bacteria from two Antarctic islands

pp 614- 625 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404501  Code: EIJES41056

Author(s)- Tomova I et al View Details

2. Growth status of Orange Chromide, Etroplus maculatus (Bloch) in Kayamkulam Lake, South Kerala (India)

pp 626- 632 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404502  Code: EIJES41057

Author(s)- Sajan Sajeevan View Details

3. Metal mobilization and Physico-chemical parameters of water around mangrove forests in Manakudy Estuary, on the south west coast of India

pp 633- 640 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404503  Code: EIJES41058

Author(s)- Sheela. M.S, Sugirtha P. Kumar  View Details

4. Water yield variation as linked to catchment parameters: A biophysical analysis for Kerala, India

pp 641- 652 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404504  Code: EIJES41059

Author(s)- Dhanya. V, Sajna. A.N  View Details

5. Effect of Lanthanum on the growth and physiological activities of Zea mays, Vigna radiata and Vigna mungo

pp 653- 659 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404505  Code: EIJES41060

Author(s)- Nilima Chaturvedi et al  View Details

6. Electrocoagulation of fluoride potable water utilizing bipolar electrodes:
Statistical analysis and optimization through response surface methodology

pp 660- 675 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404506  Code: EIJES41061

Author(s)- Ghanim A.N. View Details

7. Physicochemical analysis of some water ponds in and around Santiniketan, West Bengal, India

pp 676- 682 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404507  Code: EIJES41062

Author(s)- Aniruddha Nag, Hema Gupta . View Details

8. Water quality index and abundance of total zooplankton in Varuna, Madappa and Giribettethe lakes of Mysore, Karnataka State, India

pp 683- 693 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404508  Code: EIJES41063

Author(s)- Deepthi. S, et al . View Details

9. Nutrient content of Indian spinach in saline soil as affected by different organic manures

pp 694- 702 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404509  Code: EIJES41064

Author(s)- Sajal Roy, et al . View Details

10. Mercury in the freshwater lakes of Schirmacher and Larsemann Hills, Antarctica

pp 703- 708 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404510  Code: EIJES41065

Author(s)- Anoop K. Tiwari, Neelu Singh View Details

11. Application of A2/O bio-reactor & constructed wetlands for removing organic and nutrient concentrations from rural domestic sewage

pp 709- 718 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404511  Code: EIJES41066

Author(s)- John Leju Celestino LADU et al View Details

12. Assessment of irrigation water reuses potentiality of Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) wastewater and its impact on soil toxicity

pp 719- 729 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404512  Code: EIJES41067

Author(s)- Mashura Shammi et al View Details

13. Trace metal accumulation efficiency of selected Macroflora associated with the Poovar Estuary (Thiruvananthapuram) Kerala, India

pp 730- 737 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404513  Code: EIJES41068

Author(s)- Prasannakumari A. A. et al View Details

14. Performances of anaerobic complete mix bioreactors for the treatment of vinasses

pp 738- 745 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404514  Code: EIJES41069

Author(s)- Zineb EL Jalili et al View Details

15. Pre- and post-monsoon variation in physico-chemical characteristics in groundwater quality of Mindi industrial area, Visakhapatnam, India

pp 746- 753 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404515  Code: EIJES41070

Author(s)- Yashoda al View Details

16. Comparative studies on poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) with gelatin and PHB with starch as a finished fabric

pp 754- 765 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404516  Code: EIJES41071

Author(s)- Mekala al View Details

17. Impact of coconut husk retting on the physical and chemical characteristics of the water samples of retting and non-retting zone of Paravur backwater

pp 766- 771 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404517  Code: EIJES41072

Author(s)- Suja S View Details

18. Biodiversity hot-spot modeling and temporal analysis of Meghalaya using Remote sensing technique

pp 772- 785 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404518  Code: EIJES41073

Author(s)- Krishnanjan Pakrasi et al View Details

19. Response of farmers to climate change in Odisha: An empirical investigation

pp 786- 800 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404519  Code: EIJES41074

Author(s)- Diptimayee Mishra, Naresh Chandra Sahu View Details

20. Enhancement of dye waste treatment using Fenton’s reagent and adsorbents (natural bentonite, surfactant modified bentonite and activated carbon)

pp 801- 815 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404520  Code: EIJES41075

Author(s)- Syafalni et al View Details

21. Towards computational model for climate change

pp 816- 822 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404521  Code: EIJES41076

Author(s)- Sharma L.K et al View Details

22. Correlation study to predict water quality for drinking purpose

pp 823- 830 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404522  Code: EIJES41077

Author(s)- Sunita Verma, Ajay Verma View Details

23. Response of soil chemical properties to Ashed and Unashed agro-wastes amendments

pp 831- 839 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404523  Code: EIJES41078

Author(s)- Awotoye, O.O., Adebola, S.I, Mokwenye, A.I.View Details

24. Bioremediation of hydrocarbon-polluted soils for improved crop performance

pp 840- 858 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404524  Code: EIJES41079

Author(s)- Chibuike, G. U., Obiora, S. C. View Details

25. Seismic Hazard Analysis of Northeast India and its Adjoining Region

pp 859- 874 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404525  Code: EIJES41080

Author(s)- Anupama Devi and Sarbeswar Kalita View Details

26. Status Survey of Small Mammals in West Coastline tract of Southern Western Ghats, India

pp 875- 889 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404526  Code: EIJES41081

Author(s)- Sanil R View Details

27. Assessment of potability of different water sources at Bhopal city

pp 890- 898 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404527  Code: EIJES41082

Author(s)- Jyoti Jotwani et. al., View Details

28. Evaluation of chemical flocculation-electro flocculation for harvesting of halotolerant microalgae

pp 899- 905 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404528  Code: EIJES41083

Author(s)- Udhaya R et. al., View Details

29. Near-shore benthic foraminifera from the Nizampatnam Bay, East coast of India

pp 906- 918 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404529  Code: EIJES41084

Author(s)- Rajeshwara Rao N et. al., View Details

30. Landfill mining: a case study from Ghazipur landfill area of Delhi

pp 919- 925 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040404530  Code: EIJES41085

Author(s)- Manju Rawat Ranjan et. al., View Details


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