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VOLUME 4 NO 6 - 2014 - May 2014


1. Pollutant removal from domestic waste water using hydrocotyle asiatica (penny wort) in hydroponics systems View Details


2. Tree diversity in rural area of block Vijaypur, Samba, J&K

pp 1114- 1120 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040600002  Code: EIJES41106

Author(s)- Sanjay Sharma, Kulvinder Kour View Details

3. Acute Toxicity Evaluation of Expired Pesticides on Earthworms Eisenia fetida

pp 1121- 1128 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040600003  Code: EIJES41107

Author(s)- Gopi R.A. et. al., View Details

4. The relationship between soil pH and selected soil properties in 48 years logged-over forest

pp 1129- 1140 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040600004  Code: EIJES41108

Author(s)- Mohd-Aizat et. al., View Details

5. Source Apportionment Study of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in New Delhi, India

pp 1141- 1149 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040600005  Code: EIJES41109

Author(s)- Alankar Sharma et. al., View Details

6. Environmental study on water quality of Mayur River with reference to suitability for irrigation

pp 1150- 1167 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040600006  Code: EIJES41110

Author(s)- Masudur Rahman et. al., View Details

7. Impact of hydroelectric projects on finfish diversity in the Sharavathi River estuary of Uttara Kannada District, central west coast of India

pp 1168- 1176 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040600007  Code: EIJES41111

Author(s)- Mahima Bhat et. al., View Details

8. Water quality analysis of river Yamuna – the Delhi stretch

pp 1177- 1189 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014040600008  Code: EIJES41112

Author(s)- Vaishali Sahu, Prachi Sohoni View Details