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VOLUME 5 NO 1 - 2014 - July 2014


1. Uptake of heavy metals by natural zeolite during agitated pile composting of water hyacinth composting

pp 1- 15 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100001  Code: EIJES51001

Author(s)- Jiwan Singh and Ajay S. Kalamdhad View Details

2. Manual and automated delineation of watershed boundaries– a case study from Kangra region of western Himalaya, India

pp 16- 22 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100002  Code: EIJES51002

Author(s)- Amit Kumar, Ravinder Dhiman View Details

3. Water quality index for groundwater of Bapatla Mandal, coastal Andhra Pradesh, India

pp 23- 33 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100003  Code: EIJES51003

Author(s)- Sudhakar Gummadi et al., View Details

4. Time dependent advection diffusion model of air pollutants with removal mechanisms

pp 34- 50 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100004  Code: EIJES51004

Author(s)- Lakshmi Narayanachari K et al., View Details

5. Analysis of bio hydrogen production propensity of mixed consortium on food waste– A preliminary study

pp 51- 57 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100005  Code: EIJES51005

Author(s)- Bhavya Shukla et al., View Details

6. Impact of hydroelectric projects on finfish diversity in the Sharavathi River estuary of Uttara Kannada District, central west coast of India

pp 58- 66 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100006  Code: EIJES51006

Author(s)- Mahima Bhat et al., View Details

7. Ground water quality evaluation with special reference to Fluoride and Nitrate contamination in Bassi Tehsil of district Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

pp 67- 87 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100007  Code: EIJES51007

Author(s)- Umesh Saxena and Swati Saxena, View Details

8. Effect of season, soil and land use pattern on soil N-mineralization, Ammonification and Nitrification: A study in Arunachal Pradesh, Eastern Himalaya

pp 88- 97 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100008  Code: EIJES51008

Author(s)- Bhuyan. S.I et al., View Details

9. Financing low carbon urban development through clean development mechanism

pp 98- 116doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100009  Code: EIJES51009

Author(s)- Bhaskar Padigala and Sunil Kraleti, View Details

10. Preliminary documentation of aquatic Macrophytes of Kole wetlands of Northern Kerala, India

pp 117- 122 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100010  Code: EIJES51010

Author(s)- Jyothi P.V. and S. Sureshkumar, View Details

11. Paddy land conversion as a threat to floristic biodiversity – a study on Karrimpuzha watershed, Kerala state, south India

pp 123- 134 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100011 Code: EIJES51011

Author(s)- Richard scaria et. al., View Details

12. The subansiri river basin in eastern Himalayas and the alaknanda river basin in western Himalayas: a comparative study in regard to their geo-environment and hydrometeorology

pp 135- 143 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100012 Code: EIJES51012

Author(s)- Sangita Devi and Dulal C.Goswami, View Details

13. Ground water quality evaluation with special reference to Fluoride and Nitrate contamination in Bassi Tehsil of district Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

pp 144- 163 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100013 Code: EIJES51013

Author(s)- Umesh Saxena and Swati Saxena, View Details

14. An Estimation of Tree Species Dversity in Rural Area of Block Vijaypur, Samba, J&K, India

pp 164- 169 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100014 Code: EIJES51014

Author(s)- Sanjay Sharma, Kulvinder Kour View Details

15. Traffic related CO pollution and occupational exposure in Chandigarh, India

pp 170- 180 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100015 Code: EIJES51015

Author(s)- Vibhor Sood et. al., View Details

16. Morphometric analysis of part of the Hiran River, District Jabalpur, M.P., India using Remote sensing and GIS

pp 181- 196 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100016 Code: EIJES51016

Author(s)- Sanjay Tignath et. al., View Details

17. Evaluation of the risk of heavy metals in sewage sludge intended for agricultural application in Swaziland

pp 197- 216 doi:10.6088/ijes.2014050100017 Code: EIJES51017

Author(s)- Ababu T.Tiruneh et. al., View Details