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VOLUME 5 NO 2 - 2014 - September 2014


1. Study of air pollution trends at Lodhi road, New Delhi through online monitoring

Code: EIJES51018 Author(s)- Alankar Sharma, Peshin S.K.View Details

2. Making mushroom production process a zero waste enterprise

Code: EIJES51019 Author(s)- Pandey Meera et al View Details

3. Wave height selection criteria for beach hazard rating and its implication along south Orissa, East coast of India

Code: EIJES51020 Author(s)- Sisir Kumar Patra al View Details

4. Study, design and fabrication of ductless fume hood

Code: EIJES51021 Author(s)- Makarand A. Umarji et al View Details

5. Synthesis and characterisation of modified magnetite super paramagnetic nano composite for removal of toxic metals from ground water

Code: EIJES51022 Author(s)- Nikhat Neyaz et al View Details

6. Absorption potential for heavy metals by selected ferns associated with Neyyar River (Kerala), South India

Code: EIJES51023 Author(s)- Prasannakumari A.A et al View Details

7. Plastic ingestion by Bigeye Thresher shark Alopias superciliosus off Ratnagiri southwest coast of India

Code: EIJES51024 Author(s)- Diana Benjamin et al View Details

8. Phytosociology and edaphic attributes of mangroves in Chettuwai backwater system, Thrissur, Kerala

Code: EIJES51025 Author(s)- Sindhumathi, S et al View Details

9. Environmental study on water quality of Mayur River with reference to suitability for irrigation

Code: EIJES51026 Author(s)- Masudur Rahman et al View Details

10. Isolation, molecular characterization and plant growth promoting traits of     Neoasaia Chiangmaiensis (KD) from banana

Code: EIJES51027 Author(s)- Patil N. B, Shinde S. R View Details

11. Sustainable exploration of oil and natural gas on economic and ecological basis

Code: EIJES51028 Author(s)- Shaurya SharmaView Details

12. Assessment of drinking water quality: A case study of Moradabad Area, Uttar Pradesh, India

Code: EIJES51029 Author(s)- Atri Deo Tripathi, Meenu Agrawal View Details

13. Development of inexpensive multi-parameter sensors based network system for water environment monitoring

Code: EIJES51030 Author(s)- Kushantha Lakesh S.H.P et al View Details

14. Studies on Alkaline-thermostable protease from an alkalophilic bacterium: Production, characterization and applications

Code: EIJES51031 Author(s)- Aditya Bharadwaj et al View Details

15. Changes in soil organic carbon stock as an effect of land use system in Gondia district of Maharashtra

Code: EIJES51032 Author(s)- Sarika D. Patil et al View Details

16. Feasibility of hybrid bioreactor in the treatment of wastewater containing slowly biodegradable substances 

Code: EIJES51033 Author(s)- Sushovan Sarkar, Debabrata Mazumder View Details

17. Study of fungal diversity with reference to physical and chemical parameters

Code: EIJES51034 Author(s)- Divya K.S., Jyoti Bala ChouhanView Details

18. Impact of enrichment planting activity on soil physico-chemical properties of degraded forestland

Code: EIJES51035 Author(s)- Daljit Singh Karam et al View Details

19. Studies on biomass of Seagrass, Seaweed and its associated fauna from    Chilika lagoon

Code: EIJES51036 Author(s)- Mitali Priyadarsini Pati et al View Details

20. Wetland macrophytes in purification of water

Code: EIJES51037 Author(s)- Samir Halder, S. GhoshView Details

21. Water quality management of river Kshipra (India)

Code: EIJES51038 Author(s)- Gupta R.C et al View Details

22. A review on airborne particulate matter and its sources, chemical composition and impact on human respiratory system

Code: EIJES51039 Author(s)- Jitendra K. Nagar et al View Details

24. Clutch size and egg dimetrics of House Sparrow Passer domesticus indicus eggs in urban and rural areas of Jammu region

Code: EIJES51041 Author(s)- Rajan Singh, Kapil Dev, Sahi D.N. View Details

25. Heavy metal contamination of roadside topsoil in some areas of Golaghat and Jorhat district along national highway-37, Upper Assam, India

Code: EIJES51042 Author(s)- Pranjal Tamuly, Arundhuti Devi View Details