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VOLUME 5 NO 3 - 2014 - November 2014


1. Acid green dye decolorizing bacteria from Yamuna water and textile effluents

Code: EIJES51042 Author(s)- Poonam Gupta View Details

2. Seasonal pattern of Mixing height of pollutants in tropical Region: A Case study of Biomedical waste Treatment plant, Hubli, Karnataka, India

Code: EIJES51043 Author(s)- Lokeshwari. N et al View Details

3. Vermicomposting of Solid Pulp and Paper Mill Sludge (SPPMS) using Eudrilus Eugeniae Earthworm

Code: EIJES51044 Author(s)- Puspanjali Sonowal et al View Details

4. Mass tourism as a potential noise pollution threat- A case study of Bhojpur tourism destination in Madhya Pradesh, India

Code: EIJES51045 Author(s)- Ravi Sharma and Bhattacharya A. K View Details

5. Chromium (VI) reduction by Pseudomonas putida and Bacillus subtilis isolated from contaminated soils

Code: EIJES51046 Author(s)- Balamurugan.D et al View Details

6. Climate change and coastal ecosystem in India: Issues in perspectives

Code: EIJES51047 Author(s)- Sibananda Senapati, Vijaya Gupta View Details

7. Assessment of ground water quality from dug wells in west Jaintia hills district, Meghalaya, India

Code: EIJES51048 Author(s)- Eugene Lamare R et al View Details

8. Floristic diversity in the vicinity of Srinagar hydroelectric power project in Alaknanda valley of Garhwal Himalaya, India: needs for conservation

Code: EIJES51049 Author(s)- Radha Ballabha et al View Details

9. Total water management, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting of ETP in sugar industry

Code: EIJES51050 Author(s)- Harush D P and Hampannavar U S View Details

10. Occurrence of organochlorine pesticides residues in edible marine fish Scomberomorus commersonn (Vanjram) and its suitability for human consumption

Code: EIJES51051 Author(s)- Jayanthi Palaniyappan et al View Details

11. Analysis of stresses produced and dust generation during rock cutting by ANSYS software

Code: EIJES51052 Author(s)- Vijaya Raghavan et al View Details

12. Multivariate statistical techniques and water quality assessment: Discourse and review on some analytical models

Code: EIJES51053 Author(s)- Kumar Manoj Pratap Kumar Padhy View Details

13. Scope of biological treatment for composite tannery wastewater

Code: EIJES51054 Author(s)- Supriyo Goswami, Debabrata Mazumder View Details

14. A preliminary assessment of air quality index (AQI) along a busy road in Faisalabad metropolitan, Pakistan

Code: EIJES51055 Author(s)- Wasim Javed et al View Details

15. Chlamydomonas reinhardtii modulates and decreases cytotoxic and geotaxis effects of CUSO4

Code: EIJES51056 Author(s)- Svetla Gateva et al View Details

16. Heavy metal recovery by native macrophytes from Subarnarekha river-India

Code: EIJES51057 Author(s)- Shruti Mishra et al View Details

17. Escalation of degradation of malachite green and Methyl violet using hydrodynamic cavitations using different orifice geometry

Code: EIJES51058 Author(s)- Madhu G M et al View Details

18. Biodegradation of synthetic textile dyes by Mn dependent peroxidase produced by Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Code: EIJES51059 Author(s)- Rina D. Koyani et al View Details

19. Effect of each parameter on the quality of water individually

Code: EIJES51060 Author(s)- Priyanka Chugh et al View Details

20. Impact of municipal solid waste dump on ground water quality at Danda Lokhand landfill site in Dehradun city, India

Code: EIJES51061 Author(s)- Gawsia John et al View Details

Note: EIJES51058 is retracted an erratum is published