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VOLUME 5 NO 4 - 2015 - January 2015


1. In-season variation in cry1ac expression in various plant parts of different BT cotton hybrids in India

Code: EIJES51062 Author(s)- Vrushali Pawade et al View Details

2. Role of soil physical properties in Ecological restoration of coal mine land: A study in East Garo hills, Meghalaya

Code: EIJES51063 Author(s)- Bhuyan S.I.  and Momin K.G.View Details

3. Physico-chemical and microbial analysis of drinking water in Rajkot district, Gujarat (India)

Code: EIJES51064 Author(s)- Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Kansagara Parita.View Details

4. Global warming, glacial lakes and cloud burst events in Garhwal –Kumaon Himalaya: A hypothetical analysis

Code: EIJES51065 Author(s)- Pranab Kr. Das.View Details

5. Fouling characteristics of UF and RO membranes for reclamation of the wastewater from Iron and Steel Industry

Code: EIJES51066 Author(s)- Sang Kyo Choi et al View Details

6. Physico-chemical analysis of drinking water – A case study of Cachar District, Assam, India

Code: EIJES51067 Author(s)- Das K.C et al View Details

7. The reactivity of soil organic fractions towards Cadmium, Calcium, Copper and Zinc

Code: EIJES51068 Author(s)- Sampson Kofi Kyei et al View Details

8. Utilization of cellulosic biomass as a substrate for the production of bioethanol

Code: EIJES51069 Author(s)- Rajendran. R et al View Details

9. Groundwater Quality Assessment in hard rock terrain of part of Ranchi district, Jharkhand, India: An integrated approach

Code: EIJES51070 Author(s)- Bindu Kumari et al View Details

10. Comparison of particulate matter levels in major urban centres in Eastern Nigeria

Code: EIJES51071 Author(s)- Ngele, S.O, Onwu, F.K View Details

11. Heavy metal levels in fish caught and processed at Lavender – Hill, Accra

Code: EIJES51072 Author(s)- Quarcoo A et al View Details

12. Flocculation as an analytical pre-concentration step and regeneration of flocculent agent

Code: EIJES51073 Author(s)- Kanber S. A.View Details

13. Monitoring Secchi disk transparency of Warasgaon reservoir of Pune by using LISS III sensor

Code: EIJES51074 Author(s)- Priti Neelamsetti et al View Details

14. Assessment of groundwater quality in relation to agricultural purposes in parts of Ludhiana District, Punjab, India

Code: EIJES51075 Author(s)- Sharda Shakha et al View Details

15. The overall assessment of quality and quantity of drinking water with focus on fluoride in the areas of extreme western parts of Jharkhand

Code: EIJES51076 Author(s)- Neeta Kumari et al View Details

16. Potential impacts of urban development around the Apẹsẹ Lagoon in the Lagos Metropolis of Nigeria

Code: EIJES51077 Author(s)- Nkwunonwo, Ugonna et al View Details

17. Seed germination and growth responses of Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc. exposed to Zinc and Zinc nanoparticles

Code: EIJES51078 Author(s)- Gokak I. B, Taranath T. CView Details

18. New mechanical methods and treatments for controlling of leafy mistletoe (Loranthus europaeus jacq.) on Persian Oak trees (Quercus persica)

Code: EIJES51079 Author(s)- Ahmad Hosseini View Details

19. Biomonitoring of atmospheric particulate matter (PM) using magnetic properties of Ficus bengalensis tree leaves in Aizawl, Mizoram, North-East India

Code: EIJES51080 Author(s)- Prabhat Kumar Rai, Biku Moni Chutia View Details

20. Comparative performance evaluation of aerobic treatment technologies on food industry effluent

Code: EIJES51081 Author(s)- Nikesh Banwade View Details

21. Escalation of degradation of malachite green and Methyl violet using hydrodynamic cavitations using different orifice geometry

Code: EIJES51082 Author(s)- Madhu G M et al View Details

22. Analyzing dried blood spots to monitor lead exposure in Calabria, the Southernmost region of Peninsular Italy

Code: EIJES51083 Author(s)- Andzelika Michniewicz et al View Details