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VOLUME 5 NO 5 - 2015 - March 2015


1. Narrowing study areas for Phytosociological research using Phyllanthus amarus Schum. and Thonn. as a model target plant

Code: EIJES51084 Author(s)- Kandavel, D and Sekar, S View Details

2. Effect of noise on human being and eco-friendly measures for control: A review

Code: EIJES51085 Author(s)- Gujre Nihal, Singh R.N View Details

3. Carbon Sequestration in the Soils under different plantations in Haryana State, India

Code: EIJES51086 Author(s)- Gupta M. K and Sharma S. D View Details

4. Micro-arthropod Diversity with Special Emphasis to Collembolans in Eucalyptus Plantations of the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Code: EIJES51087 Author(s)- Nazia A, Sanil R View Details

5. Temperature and Humidity Variability for Surat (coastal) city, India

Code: EIJES51088 Author(s)- Vikas K Desai et al View Details

6. Estimating the Loss of Perennial Woody Vegetation to Cropland in California using 20 Years of Landsat Image Analysis

Code: EIJES51089 Author(s)- Christopher Potter View Details

7. Assessment of Annual Effective Dose for Natural Radioactivity of Gamma Emitters in Biscuit Samples in Iraq

Code: EIJES51090 Author(s)- Ali A. Abojassim et al View Details

8. Assessment of heavy metals pollution and natural radioactivity in topsoil of Savar industrial area, Bangladesh

Code: EIJES51091 Author(s)- B.M.R. Faisal et al View Details

9. Direct and residual effect of organic manures, urea integration on okra grown in sandy regosol

Code: EIJES51092 Author(s)- W. Shanika and P. PremanandarajahView Details

10. Endosulfan degradation by secondary metabolites of Cipadessa Baccifera-an innovative approach

Code: EIJES51093 Author(s)- Premalatha, K et al View Details

11. The Impacts of El Niño/Southern Oscillation on Changing Precipitation over the Tropical Pacific

Code: EIJES51094 Author(s)- Salau,O. R.,  Akinyemi S. A.View Details

12. Studies on various drag models in fluidized bed for abatement of environmental pollution

Code: EIJES51095 Author(s)- Prabhansu et al .View Details

13. Determination of important heavy and transition metals in the surface water of the river Ganges by ion chromatography

Code: EIJES51096 Author(s)- Singh P.K, Sharma J.L, Singh S.K.View Details

14. Isolation and characterization of zinc resistant bacteria from a coil coating industrial wastewater treatment plant

Code: EIJES51097 Author(s)- Joshua B. Owolabi and Melanie M. Hekeu .View Details

15. The problems/possible solutions of managing a high rise multi-tenanted office complex in Abuja metropolis - A case study of the Industrial Training Fund house, No 6 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja

Code: EIJES51098 Author(s)- Achoru Afam Mike View Details