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VOLUME 5 NO 6 - 2015 - May 2015


1. Physico-chemical characterization of different age series sponge iron solid waste dumps with respect to reclamation

Code: EIJES51099 Author(s)- Bandana Kullu and Niranjan Behera View Details

2. Earth observation and assessment of land use and land cover dynamics -A case study of Guwahati city, Assam, India

Code: EIJES51100 Author(s)- Das S and Choudhury M.R View Details

3. Bioremediation of industrial effluent containing reactive dyes

Code: EIJES51101 Author(s)- Kamat D. V, Kamat S.D View Details

4. Effect of different rate of dolomite application on tea leaf nutrient content

Code: EIJES51102 Author(s)- Kavitha S et al View Details

5. Polythene and environment

Code: EIJES51103 Author(s)- Alka Grover et al View Details

6. A study on the equilibrium and kinetics of oil spill cleanup using acetylated corn cobs

Code: EIJES51104 Author(s)- Nwabueze H. O et al View Details

7. Knowledge, attitude and practice assessment of biomedical waste management in tertiary care hospital: It’s high time to train ourselves

Code: EIJES51105 Author(s)- Ostwal.K et al View Details

8. Adsorption of copper metal by living Aspergillus niger L. biomass

Code: EIJES51106 Author(s)- Preeti Gupta et al View Details

9. Assessment of water quality parameters of Koilsagar project in Mahabubnagar district, Telangana, India

Code: EIJES51107 Author(s)- Ramamurthy N et al View Details

10. Study of fish diversity and physico-chemical parameters of river Singla, Assam, India

Code: EIJES51108 Author(s)- Satyajit Das, et al View Details

11. Phytoremediation of sugar industrial water effluent using various hydrophytes

Code: EIJES51109 Author(s)- Suggu Sri Gowri Reddy et al View Details

12. Biology of orange fin pony fish, Photopectoralis bindus (Valenciennes, 1835), Off Visakhapatnam, East coast of India

Code: EIJES51110 Author(s)- Yedukondala Rao et al View Details