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VOLUME 6 NO 1 - 2015 - July 2015


1. Study of Sorption behavior of Atrazine toward soil

Code: EIJES6001 Author(s)- Sangita S. Satpute et al View Details

2. Vineyard suitability analysis of Nepal

Code: EIJES6002 Author(s)- Tri Dev Acharya, In Tae Yang View Details

3. In vitro evaluation of soil microbial flora to the application of Triazophos

Code: EIJES6003 Author(s)- Meenu, Neelam Joshi View Details

4. Combined use of climate and satellite image data to predict the timing and origin of dust bowl storms in the plains states, USA

Code: EIJES6004 Author(s)- Christopher Potter View Details

5. Screening for Strontium accumulator plants in the vicinity of Tummalapalle uranium mining site Kadapa District, A.P, India

Code: EIJES6005 Author(s)- Jameer Ahammad S et al View Details

6. Ambient air quality of Katra town (J&K): A study with reference to SO2 and NO2 contents

Code: EIJES6006 Author(s)- Anita Sharma and Anil K. Raina View Details

7. Occurrence, analysis, toxicity and treatment processes of pharmaceutically active compounds and hormones in water and wastewater: A review

Code: EIJES6007 Author(s)- Olushola Sunday Ayanda View Details

8. Hydrochemical characterization, ionic composition and seasonal variation in groundwater regime of an alluvial aquifer in parts of Nalagarh valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Code: EIJES6008 Author(s)- Rajkumar Herojeet et al View Details

9. Biodiesel-a fuel of future

Code: EIJES6009 Author(s)- Abhishek Saraswat et al View Details

10. Chemical speciation of copper and cadmium in Kameng river sediments using sequential extraction procedure

Code: EIJES6010 Author(s)- Bidyut Bikash Sharma et al View Details

11. Incidence of diarrhea among children as an exposure to poor water quality and unimproved sanitation: A case of Farooqabad, Pakistan

Code: EIJES6011 Author(s)- Sajid Noor et al View Details

12. Acute toxicity and impact of an organophosphate pesticide, chlorpyrifos on some haematological parameters of an Indian minor carp, Labeo bata (Hamilton 1822)

Code: EIJES6012 Author(s)- Ishita Samajdar and Dipak Kumar Mandal View Details

13. Chromium contamination in soil and groundwater due to tannery wastes disposals at Vellore district of Tamil Nadu

Code: EIJES6013 Author(s)- Sunitha Rangasamy et al View Details

14. Sheshino (Cyathea manniana Hook. f.):  A multi-purpose tree fern in south west Ethiopia

Code: EIJES6014 Author(s)- Getahun Yakob EdoView Details

15. Fractionation of some heavy metals in agricultural soils around Draa Lasfar mine area in Marrakech (Morocco)

Code: EIJES6015 Author(s)- Barkouch Yassir et al View Details

16. Improved survival of Malabar puffer fish, Carinotetraodon travancoricus (Hora and Nair, 1941) in planted aquaria

Code: EIJES6016 Author(s)- Anupama. K.M and M. Harikrishnan View Details

17. Pseudo second order kinetic model for the sorption of U (VI) onto soil: A comparison of linear and non-linear methods

Code: EIJES6017 Author(s)- Sabyasachi Rout et al View Details

18. Analyzing uncertainties in lake water: A review

Code: EIJES6018 Author(s)- Rachna Bhateria, Amir Abdullah View Details

19. Flood hazard zonation of  Bhima river basin (Haveli,Shirur,Khed and Daund taluka),Pune, India using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques

Code: EIJES6019 Author(s)- Ashwajit A. B et al View Details

20. Aviation waste management: An insight

Code: EIJES6020 Author(s)- Prashant Mehta View Details