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VOLUME 6 NO 2 - 2015 - September 2015


1. Diversity of early winter migrants and resident birds in an important Ramsar site: Nal Sarovar, Gujarat, India

Code: EIJES6021 Author(s)- Abhishek Chatterjee et al View Details

2. Analyzing dried blood spots to monitor lead exposure in Calabria, the southernmost region of peninsular Italy

Code: EIJES6022 Author(s)- Andzelika Michniewicz et al View Details

3. Generation, composition and management of SOLID waste in top Paloura, Jammu (J&K)

Code: EIJES6023 Author(s)- Archana Sharma View Details

4. Survey on the potential impact of high voltage transmission lines on the growth characteristics of plants

Code: EIJES6024 Author(s)- Barman P, Bhattacharya R View Details

5. Survey on the potential impact of high voltage transmission lines on the growth characteristics of plants

Code: EIJES6025 Author(s)- Barman P, Bhattacharya R View Details

6. Standarisation of methodology for obtaining the desired salt stress environment for salinity effect observation in rice seedlings

Code: EIJES6026 Author(s)- Bibha Rani, Sharma V.K View Details

7. Physico-chemical characterization of drinking water of village Antri-Teli, Tehsil and District Buldana

Code: EIJES6027 Author(s)- Devhade J.B View Details

8. Assessment of agrochemical residues in wastewater from selected horticultural farms in Arusha, Tanzania

Code: EIJES6028 Author(s)- Emmy Lema et al View Details

9. Estimation of fluoride ion in ground water of some areas of Theni district by spectrophotometric method

Code: EIJES6029 Author(s)- Kalanithi M et al View Details

10. Heavy metals (Cr and Zn) induced alterations in cast production, burrowing behaviour, surface migration and macropore formation in three ecologically different earthworm species: A comparative study

Code: EIJES6030 Author(s)- Latha.V Mahaboob Basha P View Details

11. Adsorption of acetaminophen by using tea waste derived activated carbon

Code: EIJES6031 Author(s)- Monal Dutta et al View Details

12. The environmental effects of Tourism in Cancun, Mexico

Code: EIJES6032 Author(s)- Nadia Sinai Padilla View Details

13. Temporal rhythms in physico-chemical characteristics of Gangondanahalli Lake, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Code: EIJES6033 Author(s)- Raghavendra M et al View Details

14. In-vitro micropropagation and comparative study on antimicrobial activity of micropropagated and naturally growing plants of Syzygium cumini

Code: EIJES6034 Author(s)- Vidwans H, Moghe R, Upadhyay A View Details

15. Riparian vegetation of Mini River in Vadodara, Gujarat

Code: EIJES6035 Author(s)- Dhara R. Shah et al View Details