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VOLUME 6 NO 4 - 2016 - January 2016


1. Assessment of safety of drinking water in tank district: an empirical study of water-borne diseases in rural Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Code: EIJES6047 Author(s)- Ashfaq Ahmad Shah et al   View Details

2. Recent analytical study of affluent-petrochemicals on the environment and plausible effects of such chemicals on the human health around newly established oil refinery, Bina, Sagar district, M.P., India

Code: EIJES6048 Author(s)- Garima Modi, R.K.Trivedi   View Details

3. Characterization of hydro geological behavior of the upper watershed of River Subarnarekha through Morphometric analysis using Remote Sensing and GIS approach

Code: EIJES6049 Author(s)- Pipas Kumar and Varun Joshi View Details

4. Population dynamics of danaus chrysippus at Tiruchirappalli, India

Code: EIJES6050 Author(s)- Daisy Caroline Mary A et al View Details

5. Characterization of groundwater quality of Tonk District, Rajasthan, India using factor analysis

Code: EIJES6051 Author(s)- Pradeep Kumar Sharma et al View Details

6. Environmental stresses from dye factories: A case study at Nadia, West Bengal

Code: EIJES6052 Author(s)- Mondal M, Biswas G, Bhattacharya R View Details

7. Degradation of low molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by microorganisms isolated from contaminated soil

Code: EIJES6053 Author(s)- Haritash A.K, Kaushik C.P View Details