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VOLUME 6 NO 6 - 2016 - May 2016


1. Analysis of physico-chemical properties of rain water in Calicut and Malappuram districts of Kerala state for drinking purpose

Code: EIJES6086 Author(s)- Adarsh Ajith Naik, Anil Kumar T View Details

2. Environmental impacts of accidental black liquor dischargeinto the Pearl River, Louisiana: A geospatial evaluation

Code: EIJES6087 Author(s)- Anil Raj Kizha, Sibi Balachandran, Buddhika Madurapperuma, Hugo Lima View Details

3.Impact of poly-aluminium chloride on foam suppression in a chicken waste based biogas plant: A case study at KEPCO Kerala

Code: EIJES6088 Author(s)- Bhaskar Jha, Krishna Kumar Jaiswal and Arun Prasath Ramaswamy View Details

4. Physicochemical properties of soil under different land use practices located near Bhawanipatna town in Odisha, India

Code: EIJES6089 Author(s)- Chandan Sahu, Sradhanjali Basti, Rudra Pratap Pradhan, Sanjat Kumar Sahu View Details

5. A case study of temperature and rainfall trends using Mann-Kendall test in Saurashtra Region (Junagadh) of Gujaart, India

Code: EIJES6090 Author(s)- Chinchorkar S.S, Bhavin Ram D.M, Paradava and Trivedi M.M View Details

6.Isolation of native flue gas tolerant microalga from a mixed culture grown under stress condition

Code: EIJES6091 Author(s)- Daniya M. Thomas, Jerry Mechery, Sylas V.P. View Details

7. Air pollution tolerance of trees in an educational institute in Delhi

Code: EIJES6092 Author(s)- Deepika, Parag Gour, Haritash A.K. View Details

8. Removal efficiency of chromium (VI) ions from aqueous solution by adsorption of rice husk and saw dust ash as a homogeneous composite

Code: EIJES6093 Author(s)- Ferdousi Sultana, M. Khabir Uddin, Mohammad Mahbub Kabir1, Nargis Sultana, Md. Tajuddin Sikder, S.M. Meshbah Rahman View Details

9.Studies on sacred trees of big temples in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India

Code: EIJES6094 Author(s)- Sivalingam D, Rajendran R and Anbarasan K View Details

10. Integration of on-board diagnostics with system dynamics to study road transport pollution

Code: EIJES6095 Author(s)- Gunaselvi Manohar, Chandiran P, Suryaprakasa Rao K, Dilli Babu R View Details

11. Use of rigid retaining barriers to mitigate Avalanche Hazard Along Rohtang tunnel on Manali-Leh highway

Code: EIJES6096 Author(s)- Vinay Chaudhary R View Details

12. Meteorological drought assessment in Mumbai city using standardized precipitation index (SPI)

Code: EIJES6097 Author(s)- Sangita Mishra S, Gaikwad Sonal, Konar Mahalaxmi, Chaskar Priyanka View Details

13. Assessment of physico-chemical parameters of lower Lake, Bhopal, India

Code: EIJES6098 Author(s)- Khan, Asrar, Shammi, Qaiser, Nabi, Nelofar, Shah, Arif View Details

14. Impact of application of pesticides to cotton on the total count of soil micro flora

Code: EIJES6099 Author(s)- Lakshmi G, Vinay kumar Ch View Details

15. Degradation of acid Yellow 36(AY36) dye using Fenton’s Process

Code: EIJES6100 Author(s)- Haritash A.K, Deepika, Manisha Verma, Vandana Shan View Details

16. Freshwater biodiversity in the littoral Zone of a Sri Lankan Tank ecosystem with its water quality parameters

Code: EIJES6101 Author(s)- Wimalasekara I.W.C.S, Buddhie S. Lankage, S. Wickramasinghe View Details

17. On identifying the SARIMA Model to forecast the humidity of some selected stations in Bangladesh

Code: EIJES6102 Author(s)- Md. Moyazzem Hossain View Details

18. Geographical perspective on hydro-meteorological disasters in Himachal Pradesh, India

Code: EIJES6103 Author(s)- Shivani Thakur, Vishwa B.S. Chandel View Details

19. Assemblage of macrozoobenthos in Ganjal River- A tributary of River Narmada in the central zone, India

Code: EIJES6104 Author(s)- Reetu Sharma, Ankit Kumar and Vipin Vyas View Details

20. Cypermethrin induced DNA damage in Labio Rohita assessed by comet assay

Code: EIJES6105 Author(s)- Mohini Gadhia, Rakesh Prajapati and Pankaj Gadhia View Details

21. Diversity and abundance of zooplankton in a temple pond, Barak valley, Assam

Code: EIJES6106 Author(s)- Papia Das, Devashish Kar View Details

22. Significance of water borne fungi isolated from White Nile River and Al-Feetihab townDiversity and abundance of zooplankton in a temple pond, Barak valley, Assam

Code: EIJES6107 Author(s)- Shami E. A. Bakhiet, Amna A.  Aboaaj, Maiada O. Hamid1 and Baraa A. M. Salih View Details

23. Evaluation of water quality parameters and Humic substance status of Bangshi, Dhaleshwari and Padma Rivers in Bangladesh

Code: EIJES6108 Author(s)- Sharmin Yousuf Rikta, Md. Shiblur Rahaman, Jakia Jerin Mehjabin, Md. Khabir Uddin, Mohammad Mahbub Kabir and Shafi Mohammad Tareq

View Details

24. Stabilization of arsenic bearing sludge wAste generated from arsenic removal plant

Code: EIJES6109 Author(s)- Prasanta Mandal, S.R. Debbarma, Biswajit Ruj

View Details

25. Multiple linear regression model for chloride estimation of groundwater in Ash-Shihr town and its Outskirts, Hadhramout-Yemen

Code: EIJES6110 Author(s)- Sami Gumaan Daraigan, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, Munir Farouq Bin Shamlan, Ahmed Sahel Wahdain View Details

26. Determination of hydrocarbon degrading potentiality of indigenous fungal isolates

Code: EIJES6111 Author(s)- Sardul Singh Sandhu, Mridul Shakya, Loknath Deshmukh, Ravindra Prasad Aharwal, Suneel Kumar View Details

27. Status of solid waste generation and management practice in Kolkata municipal corporation, West Bengal

Code: EIJES6112 Author(s)- Sk Ajim Ali View Details