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VOLUME 7 NO 1 - 2016 - July 2016


1. Heavy metal removal through bacterial biomass isolated from various contaminated sites

Code: EIJES7001 Author(s)- Isha Vishan, Ajay S. Kalamdhad View Details

2. Study of semi-urban wastewater characteristics used for agriculture

Code: EIJES7002 Author(s)- Abhilash.M.R et al View Details

3. Decolourisation of Reactive Violet 13 and Reactive Blue 171 by Bacillus cereus RJVL 2514 isolated from dye contaminated soils

Author(s)- Vijaya Lakshmi Gangavarapuand Jaya Madhuri Ravuri

Code: EIJES7003 View Details

4. Foliar absorption of pesticide in combination with adjuvants visualized through confocal laser scanning microscopy

Author(s)- Chime Mora-Garcia and Pieter Spanoghe Code: EIJES7004 View Details

5. Potential for reuse of gold mine tailings as secondary construction materials and Phytoremediation

Author(s)- Restituta P. Mapinduzi et al Code: EIJES7005 View Details

6. Monitoring of Arsenic contents in water bodies of Bundelkhand region (India)

Author(s)- Surabhi Yadav et al Code: EIJES7006 View Details

7. Structural analysis of the Konarsiah and the Mangerak salt domes and its influence in ground water contamination, Zagros foreland folded belt, SW Iran

Author(s)- Mohammad Ali Ghanbarian Code: EIJES7007 View Details

8. Study of semi-urban wastewater characteristics used for agriculture

Author(s)- Abhilash.M.R et al Code: EIJES7008 View Details

9. Impact of coastal industrial projects on shoreline evolution: Case study at Port Said, Egypt

Author(s)- Ehab. R. Tolba Code: EIJES7009 View Details

10. The contribution of water tanker operations to the health of water consumers in Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana

Author(s)- Eric Awere, Geophrey K. Anornu Code: EIJES7010 View Details