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VOLUME 7 NO 2 - 2016 - September 2016


1. Species diversity and biomass carbon analysis of the tree layer in a sacred natural forest patch from Western Odisha

Author(s)- Antaryami Pradhan, Satyendra Prasad Mishra, Niranjan Behera

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2. Hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria in soils within the vicinity of a hot mix asphalt (HMA) plant

Author(s)- Ilechukwu Ifenna, Ezeokoye C. Charles and Ben O. Inemesit

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3. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability zones using GIS-based DRASTIC Model: A case of Makutupora Basin, Dodoma - Tanzania

Author(s)- Mary J. Kisaka, Meserecordias W. Lema

Code: EIJES7013 View Details

4. Development of Enhanced DO model for Gomti River at Lucknow Stretch, India

Author(s)- Nuzhat Parveen and Singh S.K

Code: EIJES7014 View Details

5. Assessment of water quality of Upper Lake, Bhopal (M.P)

Author(s)- Pawan Kumar Singh and Pradeep Shrivastava

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6. Climate change evaluation for Ozat basin of Saurashtra region of Gujarat, India

Author(s)- Paradava D.M., Rank H. D., Kelaiya J.H., Trivedi M.M. and Chinchorkar S.S.

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7. Biosorption study of pharmaceutical industry effluent using few aquatic Macrophytes

Author(s)- Priyadarshini Pillai

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8. Use of earth observation data for disaster mitigation planning in an Inner Terai watershed of central Nepal

Author(s)- Dinesh Pathak

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9. Exploring the natural combating powers of plant species against air pollution by assessing their APTI values

Author(s)- Anil Maan and Ravindra Kumar

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10. Human – Environment relations and climate change in Western Himalaya

Author(s)- Som Nath Thakur, Simrit Kahlon, Smita Bhutani

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