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Volume 4 Issue 4 2014- January 2014    Pages: 468-471  <<Previous    Next>>

Study of macro nutrient and physical status of soil in a part of Varuna River in Varanasi, India

Author Information:

Jyotsana Chaurasia1, Praveen Kumar Rai2, Pramod Kumar Mishra1

1- Department of Environmental Sciences, Post Graduate College, Ghazipur. U.P. India.

2- Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. U.P. India.


Soils play an important role to describe the economical growth of the study area. Soils of low level flood plains near Varuna River, is very fertile in nature without adding any nutrient in it. The Varuna is a minor tributary of the Ganges and extended between 25°27’ N to 82°18’E and 25°45’ N to 82°3’ E flows east to southeast from some of 100 km from Phulpur tehsil of Allahabad and joins the Ganges at 25°19’ N 83°2’ E and 25° 32’ N 83° 44’ E just downstream of Varanasi. Organic carbon present in sufficient amount in soils of low level flood plains. Macro nutrients viz., N, P, K and S govern the fertility of soils. Twelve representative villages are selected in the study area. The total study area of lower Varuna basin is around 23.05 sq km. and different number of soil samples (0-15cm) are collected and analyzed for their physical status and chemical property and also analyzed for macro nutrient like available nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K), and Sulphur (S) status. Soil samples were found low in available P while medium in organic carbon and available N and K. While about 86% samples were found deficient in available sulphur.

Key words: Macro nutrients, Ganges, Varuna, Organic carbon, flood plain etc.


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