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Volume 4 Issue 5 2014- March 2014    Pages: 633-640  <<Previous    Next>>

Metal mobilization and Physico-chemical parameters of water around mangrove forests in Manakudy Estuary, on the south west coast of India

Author Information:

Sheela. M.S, Sugirtha P. Kumar- Department of Chemistry and Research center, Women’s Christian College
Nagercoil 629 001, Tamilnadu, India


This study focused upon the monthly variation of physico-chemical parameters in water samples around the mangrove forest in Manakudy estuary, to assess the quality of water. Water samples were analyzed for physico-chemical parameters including pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, TDS, salinity,  dissolved metals (Cu, Fe, Ni)  and redox sensitive parameter (Dissolved oxygen). Higher pH values were observed and EC has good correlation with Ni in surface water and Fe in bottom water with significance at 0.05 level. In bottom water the pH was significant at 0.05 level with DO. Turbidity values were high in May and June when compared with other months due to the heavy rain fall. Salinity of surface and bottom waters were very low in June. Comparing surface and bottom waters, TDS, Fe and Ni differed significantly. Primary productivity was affected during June by   high turbidity. The mangrove forest on the mud flats contributed to the nutrient mineral flux of the estuarine water.

Keywords: Physico-chemical parameters, Manakudy estuary, Dissolved metals, Salinity, Mangroves


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