International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 4 Issue 5 2014- March 2014    Pages: 1006-1014  <<Previous    Next>>

Effect of different growing media on mass production of nomuraea rileyi

Author Information:

Y. V. Ingle

Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, PDKV, Akola


Nomuraea rileyi (Farlow) Samson have a potential as biological control agent against several lepidopterist pests.  Different synthetic and semi synthetic solid, liquid media, carbon and nitrogen source and grains were evaluated for large scale production of fungus N. rileyi. Among the solid and liquid media SMAY medium was found to support for maximum growth and abundant sporulation within short time followed by SDA and BCY. In respect to carbon and nitrogen source maltose and sodium nitrate were found to be the best for spore germination followed by dextrose and potassium nitrate. Seven food grains were evaluated for their suitability and results revealed that crushed sorghum and maize with 1% yeast extract proved as favourable for the higher conidial production.

Keywords: Nomuraea rileyi, semi-synthetic and synthetic media, grain substrate.


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