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Volume 4 Issue 5 2014- March 2014    Pages: 1087-1098  <<Previous    Next>>

Assessment of the long-range transport phenomena of polluted air masses in the Western Mediterranean Region

Author Information:

Saidi F1,2., Hamoudi B1,2., Azzi A1,2

1- University of Science and Technology of Oran, ''Mohamed Boudiaf '' Oran, Algeria (USTO-MB).
2- Laboratoire d'Aéro-Hydrodynamique Navale (LAHN)


The present study aims to investigate and analyse the origin of polluted air masses coming to the North Africa during the period 28-29 of July 2013. In this order, an advanced photochemical model was performed to simulate the transformation and the transport of the main important pollutant i.e. O3 and NOx cover the entire Western Mediterranean Region. The photochemical model results of the both day simulated are compared with observed data and it show a good concordance about the O3 and NOx. In addition, the Long range transport of pollutants from Europe resulted in O3. To better understand this last, a CAMx Tracer was carried out during 48 hour, the tracer-mapped ozone values and dispersion show reasonable agreement with wind direction.

Keywords: O3,  NOx,  CAMx Tracer, photochemical air pollution, Western Mediterranean Region.


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