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Volume 4 Issue 6 2014- May 2014    Pages: 1114-1120  <<Previous    Next>>

Tree diversity in rural area of block Vijaypur, Samba, J&K

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Sanjay Sharma, Kulvinder Kour

Department of Environmental Science, University of Jammu, J&K-180006


The importance of trees can be seen from many aspects and in terms of services they deliver. Trees are not just confined to forests but exist outside the forests also. Trees outside forests (TOF) are of significant importance and perform a number of ecological, economic and socio-cultural functions. The present study was conducted on tree diversity in two villages i.e. Chak Slarian and Chak Bagla of block Vijay pur of district Samba (J&K),The various tree species growing as scattered trees on agricultural lands, along the road side and canal side and in the sacred groove were taken into consideration. The study was necessitated by the need to generate information about trees outside forest i.e. non- forestry sector. Data were collected through sample plot surveys. A total of twenty sample plots of one hectare size were selected in agriculture fields with ten plots in each village. Similarly five belt transects each of 100m x 5m were laid randomly along the link roads and canal in both the villages. The samples of 20m x 20m were laid in three sacred groves present in both the villages. A total of 17 tree species belonging to 11 families were encountered during the study. In village Chak Slarian the highest value of IVI in agriculture fields, along road side and canal side as well as in sacred groves was found in case of Mangifera indica (78.61),Melia azadirachta (70.56), Mangifera indica (188.5), Dalbergia sissoo (75.06) respectively. Similarly in agriculture fields, along road side and canal side as well as in sacred groves in village Chak Bagla the highest IVI was found in case of Mangifera indica (82.22), Mangifera indica (97.12), Eucalyptus (300), Mangifera indica (78.86) respectively.On the average, the value of Shannon wiener index of trees in the villages Chak Slarian and Chak Bagla are found to be, 2.38 and 2.29 respectively. Results revealed that there is less number of trees outside forest which can be attributed to the less preference to growing of trees in and around fields as they cast shade in the fields and limits the growth of trees.

Keywords:  Trees outside forests, agricultural fields, sacred grooves, sample plots.


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