International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 5 Issue 1 2014- July 2014    Pages: 34-50  <<Previous    Next>>

Time dependent advection diffusion model of air pollutants with removal mechanisms

Author Information:

Lakshmi Narayanachari K1, Suresha C M2, Siddalinga Prasad M3, Pandurangappa C4

1- Department of Mathematics, Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Rajanukunte, Bangalore

2- Department of Mathematics, RNS Institute of Technology, Channasandra, Bangalore

3- Department of Mathematics, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur

4- Department of Mathematics, Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering, Bangalore


In this paper, westudy a time dependent advection diffusion model for computation of the ambient air concentration of pollutants emitted from an area source. This model deals the dispersion of both primary and secondary pollutants emitted from an area with mesoscale wind along with large scale wind. The model takes into account the removal of pollutants through chemical reaction and gravitational settling. The obtained partial differential equation is solved using Crank-Nicolson implicit finite difference scheme under stability dependent meteorological parameters involved in wind velocites and eddy diffusivity profiles.

Key words: Atmospheric dispersion, Gaseous pollutant, Area source, urban heat island, diffusion coefficient.


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