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Volume 5 Issue 1 2014- July 2014    Pages: 181-196  <<Previous    Next>>

Morphometric analysis of part of the Hiran River, District Jabalpur, M.P., India using Remote sensing and GIS

Author Information:

Sanjay Tignath1, Meenakshi Kapoor2, Medha Jha3, S.K.Sharma4

1- Professor, Department of Geology, Govt. Autonomous Science College, Jabalpur
M. P, India

2- Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, Govt. Autonomous Science College, Jabalpur, M. P, India.

3-Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering,  Indian Institute of Technology ( Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi, U. P., India

4-Assistant Professor, Department of Soil and Water Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering, J.N.K.V.V., Jabalpur, M.P.,India


The present work was conceived by appreciating the geomorphological feature at the edge of the Damoh plateau immediately north of Hiran River, a tributary of Narmada falling between Lat 23° 15’ and 23° 24’ l0’N, and Long.79°30’E and 79°45’E, M.P. India. The striking features observed behind the high rising south facing ridge was the presence of linear valley dividing the ridge from the Damoh plateau. The setup itself presents an excellent site for tectono-morphic studies. Moreover, the valley is narrow and tight and its base is high up by more than 50 m. from the plain of Hiran. Thus the whole setup offers an opportunity for storage of water with an advantage of water head with respect to the Hiran plain. Topographic maps on 1:50000 scale were utilized to delineate the drainage system, thus to identify precisely water divides using Geographic Information System (GIS). Morphometric parameters were determined for Hiran basin and principal component analysis was carried out. The results show that the linear parameters dominate the initial organization as determined by available slope segment. This analysis conclusively indicates that the streams are quite recent which occupied the structurally formed valleys and are in process of adjustment through making modifications. Presence of waterfalls through these valleys across the frontal ridge too indicates a recent history. 

Keywords: Morphometric, tectono-morphic, Geographic Information System (GIS), principal component analysis, linear parameters


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