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Volume 5 Issue 2 2014- September 2014    Pages: 251-259  <<Previous    Next>>

Study, design and fabrication of ductless fume hood

Author Information:

Makarand A. Umarji, Nitin S. Shriram, Ruchira R. Takte, Nitish V. Topkar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, PVPIT, Pune University, Maharashtra, India


This paper is about the solution on the problems of ducting and wastage of energy in chemical laboratories for just getting rid of fumes. This paper gives an effective model of ductless fume hood which demolishes the concept of ducts and helps recirculation of air in its purest form. This paper explores all the equipments used in a ductless fume hood with all its specifications and requirements for a specified usage. The paper gives a data about the filter used, the blower required and also the applications where this type of fume hood can be used. The data collected and the tests organized for the fabrication of the fume hood helped us to conclude with a fine helpful and effective ductless fume hood which can be used in various applications. The study in this paper helps to create a hood which can provide a protective environment for the user. Also this hood helps in protecting the environment from the hazardous fumes. Also this hood helps in saving the energy. Thus, the paper concludes with a better option for the fume hoods having ducts.

Keywords: Beach hazard rating, LEO, South Orissa, Significant wave height and maximum wave height


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