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Volume 5 Issue 2 2014- September 2014    Pages: 309-319 <<Previous    Next>>

Isolation, molecular characterization and plant growth promoting traits of     Neoasaia Chiangmaiensis (KD) from banana

Author Information:

Patil N. B1, Shinde S. R2
1- Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Annasaheb Magar College, Hadapsar, Pune-411028, Maharashtra, India
2- Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Annasaheb Magar College, Hadapsar, Pune-411028, Maharashtra, India


Aim: To study plant growth promoting properties of Neoasaia chiangmaiensis, a endophyte from banana fruit, a novel habitat
Methods: The endophytes from banana were characterized with respect to cultural, morphological, biochemical and plant growth promoting traits. One of the potent isolates was identified by 16S rDNA sequencing.
Results: Of the twelve isolates, the isolate, designated as KD was identified as Neoasaia chiangmaiensis KD based on 16S rDNA analysis. The plant growth promoting traits such as phosphate solubilization (256.3µg/ml) and indole acetic acid production (35µg/ml) were maximum amongst all isolates. It has been found that the ability of this organism to produce higher amounts of IAA resulted in increased tolerance to stress. Besides, this isolate also exhibited antifungal activity against Fusarium oxysporum, a wilt causing fungus. Inoculation studies with maize indicated significant increase in root and shoot biomass.
Conclusions: Thus, the natural inhabitance of Neoasaia chiangmaiensis in banana fruits and its plant growth promoting traits is being reported for the first time. The banana fruit represents novel habitat of N. chiangmaiensis in banana fruit.

Keywords: Neoasaia chiangmaiensis, 16S rDNA, Banana, Phosphate solubilization, Stress tolerance


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