International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 5 Issue 2 2014- September 2014    Pages: 432- 437 <<Previous    Next>>

Wetland macrophytes in purification of water

Author Information:

Samir Halder1, S. Ghosh2
1- Department of Botany, the University of Burdwan
2- Department of Botany, M.U.C. Women’s College
Burdwan-713104, West Bengal


Wetland is very much rich in biodiversity and a considerable number of which is macrophytes those are mostly involved in purification of water. In this study two common macrophytes, Pistia stratiotes and Alternanthera philoxeroides, were taken to check their efficiency in purification of polluted water contaminated with toxic substances such as arsenic, cadmium and chromium. From the experimental results it appears that each of the two wetland macrophytes are more or less equally effective in the accumulation of the arsenic, cadmium and chromium from the contaminated water to purify it. Thus, from this study it may be suggested that wetland macrophytes play a vital role to assist the wetlands to act as ‘kidney of Nature’.  

Keywords: Wetlands, macrophytes, toxic-substances, accumulation, purify polluted water.


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