International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 5 Issue 3 2014- November 2014    Pages: 595- 606  <<Previous    Next>>

Analysis of stresses produced and dust generation during rock cutting by ANSYS software

Author Information:

Vijaya Raghavan1, Murthy Ch.S.N 2, Sastry V.R 2
1- Assistant Professor, Department of Mining Engineering, Dr.T.Thimmaiah Institute of Technology, K.G.F-563120
2- Professors, Department of Mining Engineering, NITK, Suratkal-575025


Underground coal mining operations continue to increase production as mining equipment and practices are improved. Unfortunately, increased production also results in the potential for increased Respirable dust generation and worker exposure. In response, operations are applying basic controls at elevated levels and looking to emerging technologies in an effort to better control Respirable dust levels. Ventilating air and water sprays remain the basis of dust control strategies for both longwall and continuous mining operations, and the level of application for these controls continued to increase. In addition, new technologies are emerging that have the potential to further reduce dust levels. In this Paper an attempt is made to study the Stresses Produced and its Influence on Dust generation at different Attack angle and force applied on the cutting material.

Keywords: Rock cutting, Mechanical properties, Cutting parameters, Airborne respirable dust, Stresses.


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