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Volume 5 Issue 4 2015- January 2015    Pages: 743- 753  <<Previous    Next>>

Utilization of cellulosic biomass as a substrate for the production of bioethanol

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Rajendran. R, Radhai. R, Karthik Sundaram. S, Rajalakshmi. V
PG and Research Department of Microbiology, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India


Energy is considered a prime agent in the generation of wealth and a significant factor in economic development. Recently there is renaissance in utilization of biomass for biofuel production employing cellulases and hence forth in obtaining better yields and novel activities. The present study deals with the bioconversion of cellulose from textile cotton waste into ethanol by using the methods of physical (Steam explosion method) and chemical pretreatment (Acid and Alkali), optimization of enzyme production and the ability to hydrolyze the cellulosic cotton biomass was also determined. The results of physical and chemical pretreatment revealed that the chemical pretreated substrate enriched the enzyme action, when compared to physical pretreatment method. The sugar analysis was achieved by DNSA method and the cellulose estimation was performed using Anthrone method. The enzyme production parameters such as temperature, pH, incubation time, inoculum concentration and agitation were optimized. The produced enzyme was partially purified by Dialysis followed by ammonium precipitation method and the ability to hydrolyze the cellulosic cotton biomass was also determined. The conditions for enzymatic hydrolysis were also optimized. Our energy systems should be renewable and sustainable, efficient and cost-effective, convenient and safe. These problems make it urgent to develop an alternative energy resource that was both renewable and environmentally friendly. The purpose of the contemporary investigation was to recover the solid waste, improve the industrial application of cellulases and investigate the challenges in cellulase research exclusively in the direction of enlightening the process economics of energy production.

Keywords: Cotton wastes, Pretreatment, Enzyme, Purification.     


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