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Assessment of Annual Effective Dose for Natural Radioactivity of Gamma Emitters in Biscuit Samples in Iraq

Author Information:

Ali A. Abojassim1, Lubna A. Al-Alasadi2, Ahmed R. Shitake3, Faeq A.AL-Tememie4,
Afnan A. Hussein5
1, 2, 4-University of Kufa, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Iraq
3-University of Kufa, Faculty of Medicine Teeth, Iraq
5-M.Sc. Student in University of Kufa, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Iraq


Biscuit is important type of food that is widely consumed by baby in Iraq and other countries.  This work measurers the natural radioactivity duo to long-lived gamma emitters in Children biscuit by gamma spectroscopy, and estimates radiation hazard indices which are the radium equivalent activity, the representative of gamma level index, the internal hazard index and annual effective dose in children. Ten samples were collected from the Iraqi market for different original countries. 226Ra and 232Th were detected in most samples, while 40K was detected in all samples. The average of specific activities for 226Ra. 232Th and 40K were (9.390, 3.1213 and 214.969) Bq/kg respectively, but the average of the radium equivalent activity and the internal hazard index were 33.101 Bq/kg and 0.107 respectively. The total average of annual effective dose rom consumption of adult, child and infant is estimated to be 0.655, 1.009 and 0.875 mSv respectively. The obtained specific activity, radiation hazard indices and total annual effective dose in all samples in this study are found lower than Worldwide Median Value for all groups, therefore theses values are found to be safe.

Keywords: Natural radioactivity, Biscuit, Gamma ray and Iraq markets, Annual effective dose.


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