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Volume 5 Issue 6 2015- May 2015  Pages:1085- 1090  <<Previous    Next>>

Effect of different rate of dolomite application on tea leaf nutrient content

Author Information:

Kavitha S1, Prapagar K1 and Gunarathne G.P2
1- Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka 2- Tea Research Institute. Talawakella, Sri Lanka


A field study was conducted to identify the effect of different rate of dolomite on mother leaf nutrient content of Tea. Trail was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design consisting of five treatments in different rate of Dolomite (kg/ha/pruning cycle) namely T1 (Absolutely control), T2 (1000), T3 (2000). T4 (3000), T5 (4000), The data generated from the study was analyzed by using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) in SAS statistical package. Treatment means were compared at probability p< 0.05 using LSD.  This study shown there was no significant difference in major nutrient content in mother leaf (P, Ca, Mg, K, N), Trace element Fe and Al content also had no effect. Manganese content in mother leaf changed significantly, highest average mean value was obtained in control (2347 ppm)

Keywords: Dolomite, major nutrient, tea (camellia Sinensis L.), trace elements


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