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Knowledge, attitude and practice assessment of biomedical waste management in tertiary care hospital: It’s high time to train ourselves

Author Information:

Ostwal.K1, Jadhav.A1, More.S2, Shah.P1, Shaikh.N1
1 Department of Microbiology, Dr.V.M GMC Solapur-413003 Maharashtra India
2-Suyog More, Graduate Student, Health Informatics, Computer Science Department
Dalhousie University, Halifax


Background: Biomedical waste can cause spread of infectious diseases and it is hazardous. Segregation and suitable treatment of BMW is needed and for that health care staff should be aware of it.


  1. To assess and compare the knowledge,attitude and practice regarding biomedical waste management(BMW) in doctors,nurses and class four workers.
  2. To assess effectiveness of a training programme regarding BMW management among them.

Study design: Cross sectional study.

Participants: Doctors (100), nurses(100) and sanitary staff(50).

Material and method-Pre-test & post-test questionnaire regarding knowledge, attitude and practice of biomedical waste management followed was given. Results were analysed.

Statistical analysis: Statistical analysis was done using Chi-Square Test and percentage. Statistical analysis was done using SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software version 9.4.

Setting: Tertiary care hospital attached to medical college, Western Maharashtra.
Results: Doctors were having good knowledge followed by nurses followed by sanitary staff.Statistically significant improvement was found after training programme in all groups.

Conclusion: knowledge,attitude and practice regarding BMW management varied in different group .It was improved after training programme of BMW management. We recommend that periodic training regarding BMW management should be there. 

Keywords: Assessment, Biomedical waste management (BMW), knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP), Pre-test, post-test.


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