International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 6 Issue 1 2015- July 2015  Pages: 13- 19  <<Previous    Next>>

Vineyard suitability analysis of Nepal

Author Information:

Tri Dev Acharya1, In Tae Yang2
1- Graduate Student, Department of Civil Engineering, Kangwon National University, South Korea
2- Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Kangwon National University, South Korea


Recent advances in technology and research have help farmers to find suitable sites for different crop productions. With the increase in wine culture in Nepal, the paper presents an application of GIS to determine the suitable locations for vineyard farming in Nepal, depending on slope, aspect, soil, landcover and physiography factors. The results show that, mostly middle hilly areas (6.6%) are suitability for vine growing. However, most of the area are unfavorable even should be restricted. It also shows using free data sources, GIS cab be an instrument for information extraction. Following the study, large scale study with more parameters could help secure farmers and wine industry and benefit nation as a whole.

Keywords: GIS, grapevine, vineyard, suitability analysis, Nepal.


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