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Biodiesel-a fuel of future

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Abhishek Saraswat, Ravi Sharma, Shubham Silswal - THDC Institute of Hydropower Engineering & Technology


Objective: To study the use of  biodiesel as a substitute for conventional fossil diesel. This sake is based on a variety of ascribes observed in biodiesel like it has a positive energy balance, its lubrication properties, domestic inexhaustible source and its potential to cut down exhaust emissions. Biodiesel is an alternative to conventional diesel fuel made by using inexhaustible natural resources. Animal fats like beef tallow, pork lard or the vegetable oils from seeds having high oil content like those of Palm, Rapeseed or Jatropha which can be converted to a clean fuel generally adverted to as "Biodiesel."

The climate change is currently an crucial element to decide ways of energy use and exploitation. Biodiesel is considered as "climate neutral" because all of the carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere during consumption is compensated with its uptake in photosynthesis during crop growth. The consumption of biodiesel results in lower emissions of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide ,suspended particulate matter particles and almost 0% sulphur dioxide emissions. Petroleum prices are advancing to high records and they will not last for more than next 2 decades therefore it appears to be a general agreement that the ‘era of cheap oil’ has ended, so it is essential for world to look for alternative (renewable fuel) options such as biofuels to maintain and enhance our energy security.

Keywords: Biofuels, energy security, renewable energy, transesterification, global-warming


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