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Sheshino (Cyathea manniana Hook. f.):  A multi-purpose tree fern in south west Ethiopia

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Getahun Yakob Edo
Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Natural Resource Research Directorate, P.O. Box 06 Hawassa, Ethiopia


The Afromontane areas of Ethiopia constitute vivid examples of tropical forest ecosystems that have high species richness and high concentrations of endemic species. Most of the afromontane natural forests in Ethiopia are found in the southern and southwestern parts of the country. These forests have been play pivotal role in providing water resources, due to their influence on volumes and distribution of rainfall, the dynamics of water in the soil and the quantities of water discharged into the atmosphere in the form of vapor. These forests also have particular value because they belong to the centre of origin and genetic diversity of Arabica coffee Coffea arabica and still harbour wild populations of this species (Schmitt et al., 2009). Furthermore, the forests are recognized and designated by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in June 2010 as a biosphere reserve - pursuing to be balance development and conservation for the good life of the communities in the area (Berghofer, 2013). However, the forest resources are being destroyed at an alarming rate because of a number of factors. The major factors for the destruction of natural forests are agricultural expansion and overexploitation for various purposes such as fuelwood, charcoal, construction material and timber, all spurred by rapid human population growth (Zegeye et al., 2011).

Keywords: Ethiopia, Fern tree.


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