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Volume 6 Issue 1 2015- July 2015  Pages: 145- 154 <<Previous    Next>>

Pseudo second order kinetic model for the sorption of U (VI) onto soil: A comparison of linear and non-linear methods

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Sabyasachi Rout, Ajay Kumar, Pazhayath Mana Ravi, Raj Mangal Tripathi
Health Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India-400085


Batch kinetic experiments were carried out for the sorption of U(VI) onto three types of soil. The experimental kinetics were fitted to the pseudo second-order kinetics by linear and a non-linear method. The four different types of Ho pseudo second-order expression have been discussed. A comparison of linear least-squares method and a trial and error non-linear method of estimating the pseudo second-order rate kinetic parameters were examined. The sorption process was found to follow pseudo second-order kinetic model. Present investigation showed that it is appropriate to use a linear model-1 pseudo second-order expressions as proposed by Ho for predicting the kinetic rate constants and the initial sorption rate for the studied system. And the transformation of  nonlinear form to linear model-1 changed the conditions in a positive way leads to minimization of error structure and that caused that the linear model-1 give very similar or better fits than other models.  Different  linear models predicts different reaction rate , hence to avoid this ambiguity it is better to use nonlinear model if the process designer is unable to study the experimental data using all the models.

Keywords: Kinetics, Pseudo first order, Pseudo second order, linear, non linear  


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