International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 6 Issue 3 2015- July 2015  Pages: 396- 401 <<Previous    Next>>

Study of rainfall potentiality in detachment of soil particles

Author Information:

Pandit D .V1, Isaac R. K2
1- Research Scholar, M.Tech. (SWCE), SHIATS, Allahabad- 211007 (U.P.) India.
2- Professor, Department of Soil, Water Land Engg. & Management, SHIATS,  
Allahabad- 211007 (U.P.) India


This research was carried out to examine the erosiveness of rainfall (for four rainy months) in soil erosion processes. Rainfall erosiveness is commonly termed as rainfall erosivity i.e. it is the ability of rain to detach the soil particles. Results indicated that erosivity i.e. product of kinetic energy of rainfall and maximum 30-minutes rainfall intensity, is the initiating factor in rainfall soil erosion and runoff generation processes. It was observed that erosivity index varied with the rainfall, which indicates the ability of rainfall to detach the soil particles

Keywords: Rainfall erosivity, Soil erosion.


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