International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 6 Issue 3 2015- July 2015  Pages: 402- 409 <<Previous    Next>>

Effect of industrial wastewater irrigation on productivity of wheat crop

Author Information:

Rajeev Pandey1, Jaswant Singh2
1- Assistant Professor, Center for Environmental Sciences, College of Natural Science, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
2- Reader, Department of Environmental Sciences, Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University, Faizabad


The effect of treated fertilizer (nitrogenous) factory effluent irrigation on different productivity parameters of wheat crop (Triticum aestivum,var. L. cv. HD-2285) were studied in field conditions at Phoolpur industrial area of Allahabad district (U.P.) India. The results revealed that no. of plants/ m2, no. of ears/ m2, length of ear/ m2, plant height (cm), yield (Q/ ha) and protein content were found higher in effluent irrigated crop in comparison to control. The overall finding of the present study indicates that fertilizer industry effluent have a manurial potential for better crop productivity.

Keywords: Crop productivity, effluent, fertilizer factory, irrigation, manurial potential.


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