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Recent analytical study of affluent-petrochemicals on the environment and plausible effects of such chemicals on the human health around newly established oil refinery, Bina, Sagar district, M.P., India

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Garima Modi, R.K.Trivedi                                                                
Centre of Advance Study in Geology, Department of Applied Geology, Dr. Harisingh  Gour  Vishwavidhyalaya , M. P.  India


The Bina town came up on the industrial map of India after the establishment of a new oil refinery in the year 2009. The environmental impact of the BORL, Bina, Sagar district, M.P. has been discussed in this paper, as the area was virgin before the establishment of this refinery in this area and also free from any pollution. A preliminary geochemical study of ‘soil and water’ samples analyzed for physico-chemical parameters reveals impact of the affluent petrochemicals on the environment released from the Oil Refinery. Gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy based results show presence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons like Pyridine-3 (1-methyl-2-pyrolidyl), Pyridine Indene Silane and Norvaline; higher range of petroleum hydrocarbons (benzene-1-methyl-hexadecyl,tetra-decanoicacid,octa-decanoic-acid,2-bromononane, hexadecanoic acid, dodecane-46-dimethy, n-alkenes); and unresolved complex mixtures of aliphatic compounds, which are causing ill effect on the environment, especially the ‘soil fertility’ and ‘water quality’, which in turn is likely to make impact on the ‘human health’.

Keywords: Central India, geo-environment, human health, oil refinery, petrochemicals, soil and water.


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