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Zooplankton diversity and seasonal variation of Majalgaon Reservoir, Maharashtra State, India

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Rajkumar T. Pawar
Department of Zoology, Majalgaon Arts, Science and Commerce College, Majalgaon District, Beed, Maharashtra, India.


The present communication deal with the study of Zooplankton diversity and seasonal variation in Majalgaon Reservoir was conducted to check the status in the area and provide new insightsinto its ecology. The study was carried out during the period of one annual cycle i.e. January 2014 to December 2014. A total of 23 species were found in this reservoir. Among these, rotifers comprise of 8 species (28.92%),Cladocera 6 (19.638%), Copepods 5 (20.09%), Ostracoda 2(19.317 %) and Protozoa 2 (12.02). The season wise zooplankton analysis showed that the number of population was highest during summer, followed by monsoon and lowest during winter.

Keywords: Majalgaon Reservoir, Zooplankton, Seasonal variation, Diversity


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