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Hydrologic design of rain water harvesting system at Anna University, Chennai

Author Information:

Krishnaveni M1 Vignesh Rajkumar L2
1- Professor, Centre for Water Resources, Department of Civil Engineering,
Anna University, Chennai
2- Research Scholar, Centre for Water Resources, Department of Civil Engineering,
Anna University, Chennai


Rainwater harvesting is an olden practice which is sustainable. There has been a growing interest, particularly in developing nations, in rooftop rainwater harvesting as potable water. Domestic rainwater harvesting (DRWH) has regained its importance and is extensively recognized in India as an alternative source of water because of seasonal water shortages. In cities like Chennai, where annual rainfall is high, rainwater could meet a significant amount of total demand. This paper ensures a sustainable system by designing a potential rain water harvesting system in Anna University an imperative spot of the city where a few thousand populations move in and out every day. In the scenario of the university’s water supply appears to be in peril of seasonal drying up, increased water conservation will help to maintain a plentiful water supply in the future.

The study begins with the dependability analysis of rainfall for the past 30 years. This ensures the quantification of dependable rainfall every month. Assuming 10 litres per head every day, the water demand is of the campus is obtained. Overall water usage at the University is balanced with the amount of rainfall that could be harvested by the catchment area (i.e.) the roof area of the buildings in the campus, to calculate the deficit or surplus rainfall of each month. The study reveals that the overall demand of the campus is served by harvested rain water for three months with 75% dependable rainfall. Considering 50% dependable rainfall the university attains self-sufficiency in water resource only with the water being harvested. The performance of rainwater harvesting at Anna University is revealed with the results of this study. The prime objective of the paper is this method can also be applied to other campus of the state and country to illustrate the water savings and reliability of rainwater harvesting system.

Keywords:Rainwater harvesting, sustainability, dependability analysis, dependable rainfall


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