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Volume 6 Issue 5 2015- March 2016 Pages:851 - 858 <<Previous    Next>>

Selection of organic source as a substitute for phosphorus and sulphur and the best combination of poultry manure and single super phosphate combination in relation to groundnut yield

Author Information:

Premanandarajah P1, Shanika W 2
1- Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
2- Department of Agricultural Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.


In two sets of field experiments, different organic phosphorus and sulphur sources (farmyard manure, poultry manure, vermicompost and sewage sludge) were evaluated with standard inorganic source of single superphosphate (SSP) to improve groundnut yield. In first set all sources applied on equal phosphorus basis at 34 kg P2O5 ha-1. In second set all sources applied on equal sulphur basis at 75 kg S ha-1. The six treatments, including no - phosphorus (control) in first set and no - sulphur (control) in second set were replicated four times in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). Groundnut was sown in each set. Routine cultural practices were adopted in raising the crop. Groundnut was grown to maturity and harvested. Pods from each set were weighed and total yield was expressed in mtha-1. The experimental results revealed that phosphorus and sulphur increased the groundnut yield and among the organic sources poultry manure was the best source to increase the yield in groundnut. A third set of field experiment was conducted to evaluate the yield of groundnut with poultry manure as partial substitute for phosphorus and sulphur. Poultry manure (PM) was integrated with chemical fertilizers (CF) as SSP and elemental sulphur at different ratios. There were six treatments replicated four times in a Randomized Complete Block Design (T1-Control, T2-100% PM, T3-75% PM + 25% CF, T4-50% PM + 50% CF, T5- 25% PM + 75% CF and T6 100% CF). The combination of 25% poultry manure with 75% chemical fertilizer (on equivalent nutrient basis) increased the yield in groundnut.

Keywords: Groundnut yield, Phosphorus, Poultry manure, Sulphur.


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