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Volume 6 Issue 5 2015- March 2016 Pages:867 - 882 <<Previous    Next>>

Assessment and substantiation of ground water quality to ascertain WQI in some selected areas of north east coast of Srikakulam district, A.P., India

Author Information:

Ramamohan H1, Sudhakar I2, Suresh Patnaik P3 Udayasree A4

Sr. Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, AITAM Engineering College, Tekkali.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, AITAM Engineering College, Tekkali.                                    

Assistant Professor of Physics, AITAM Engineering College, Tekkali.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, AITAM Engineering College, Tekkali.


Groundwater, the most indispensable resource required for drinking. The resource cannot be optimally used and sustained unless the quality is assessed. The protection of its quality is a significant factor for health point of view. Water quality is a significant criterion in matching water demand and supply. The present study was intended to calculate WQI using different parameters. Geographical coordinates were obtained through GPS receiver for continuous monitoring. The study was carriedin two seasons for comparison and validating the data. The focused area, since the quantity and quality of water available is variable in time and space; so, aims at determining the water quality on its usage domains as a source.

Keywords: Groundwater, Water Quality Parameters, GPS Receiver, WQI.


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