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Volume 6 Issue 6 2016- May 2016 Pages: 912 - 921                                 Next>>

Analysis of physico-chemical properties of rain water in Calicut and Malappuram districts of Kerala state for drinking purpose

Author Information:

Adarsh Ajith Naik1, Anil Kumar T2,
2- Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut,
Calicut District, Kerala, India.
2- Junior Research Officer, Regional Analytical Laboratory, Calicut District, Kerala, India.


Water is one of the most important components for sustaining life on this planet. Even though water is available in plenty, water which can be used for drinking purpose is getting reduced day by day. In this study, various physico –chemical parameters like colour, pH, total solids, total alkalinity, total hardness, nitrate, iron, chloride, bacteriological analysis of rain water and open well water sampled from different places are analyzed to determine whether rain water is fit for drinking. These parameters where compared to the standard limits setup by the BIS, WHO and USPH.

Keywords: Rain water, Physico-chemical parameters, Open well water, Kerala, drinking water.


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