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A case study of temperature and rainfall trends using Mann-Kendall test in Saurashtra Region (Junagadh) of Gujaart, India

Author Information:

Chinchorkar S.S1, Bhavin Ram D.M2, Paradava3 and Trivedi M.M4

1- Assistant Professor, Anand Agricultural University, Dahod
2- Assistant Professor, Anand Agricultural University, Anand
3- Research Associate, Anand Agricultural University,Dahod

4- Associate Professor, Anand Agricultural University, Dahod


The long–term change in temperature and rainfall has been assessed by linear trend analysis. It is evident from above Figures that monthly mean of maximum (MMAX) temperatures have increased significantly for all the months except the month of October for which a very weak decrease in MMAX temperature is observed. This implies that in Junagadh, the highest increase in MMAX temperature occurs in November by (0.021C) during last 32 years. The annual mean of monthly mean of maximum temperatures observed a decreasing trend having an annual increase of 0.041C per year. The monthly mean of TMRF have increased significantly for the months February, March, April May, July, August, September, whereas it shows decreasing trend in January, June, October, November, and December. The highest increase in TMRF occurs in August by 1.463 mm during the last 32 years. The highest decrease in TMRF occurs in November and decreased by 0.1.60 mm. the annual mean of monthly mean of total mean rainfall observed an increasing trend having an increase of 0.482 mm per year. In winter total mean rainfall observed a deceasing trend of 1.291 mm per day where as in summer increasing trend by 0.64 mm and in monsoon slightly increase trend by 1.12 mm per year in Junagadh station. Annual MMAX temperature shows increasing trend which is statistically significant at 5% level of significance whereas annual TMRF shows increasing trend which is statistically insignificant at 5% level of significance.

Keywords: Rainfall, maximum temperature, trend analysis, Mann-Kendall test, rainfall
pattern, global warming


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