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Assessment of physico-chemical parameters of lower Lake, Bhopal, India

Author Information:

Khan, Asrar1, Shammi, Qaiser1, Nabi, Nelofar2, Shah, Arif1

1- Department of Zoology, Govt. N.M.V. Hoshangabad, M.P., India.

2 - Plant Tissue Culture Division, CSIR, Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu, J.K., India.


The quality of water in the Lower lake has deteriorated. The lower lake does not have any fresh water source. Surrounded by the busy and congested city on all sides, movement of free air and restricted sunlight has compounded the problems. Lower lake receives its water mainly from seepage from the Upper lake and 28 sewage filled nallahs. Regular commercial washing of clothes also adds considerable quantity of pollutants to the lake. The present study dealt with assessment of the physico-chemical parameters of Lower Lake, Bhopal India. Results of the study indicated that lake water is highly contaminated whole lake is eutrophic and not suitable for drinking purpose as it receives a large amount of raw sewage from its densely populated habitation. The quality of water is below the environmentally safe standards for healthy aquatic systems. It requires proper monitoring and environment management plans to control the release of effluents and to maintain its aesthetic beauty and water quality.

Keywords:Lake, physico-chemical parameters, water quality.


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